Job for striptease dancers. Work in Austria, Vienna.

Job for strip dancers in Austria city Vienna.

About strip club in Austria city Vienna:

A highly successful strip club in Austria which has won the favour of customers, in collaboration with Diamond Dolls agency, is looking for young women who want to dance striptease. The club is located in the capital of Austria, Vienna. It is a favourite among dancers because of a great work environment and good working conditions, resulting from club’s long-term activity. Even though the name of the club has been existing for 10 years already, the owners of the club has changed a year ago, they improved and refined the image of the club.

Striptease dancers working conditions:

Opening time:

Monday - Sunday: 21:30 - 05:00.
Working schedule in the club: at least 5 working days.

Striptease dancers salary:

The dancer receives a fixed salary of €55 for every evening
she works.
Private dance cost €45, girl gets €20
100 % of tips received personally by dancers belong to them.
The dancer’s share for the drinks sold is 15%.
The price of drinks and a bottle of champagne in the strip club
starts from €295 and goes up to €1400.
The wages for private dances and drinks are paid to the dancer
every morning after work.
If the client pays for the drinks and dancing with the credit card,
the dancer will receive her wages on Friday.

Striptease dancers stage perfomances:

The dancers have one performance during the evening.
The duration of one performance is two songs. The first song is performed wearing clothes and the second song is performed taking the clothes off.
The dancers must look attractive (nice, sexy lingerie, corsets).
The dancers can select the music for their dances.

Accomodation for striptease dancers:

Club provides fully furnished accommodations, with Internet for €12 per
day (+€3 cleaning and maintenance). Direct metro line from
the apartment to the club (distance 6km., 20min, with metro). Two women share one room.

Travel costs and contract for striptease dancers:

Dancers must pay their travel expenses themselves.
The minimum duration of the contract is 2 weeks
with the opportunity to extend it.
work strip dancers, work in Austria.

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