Job for topless dancers. Topless work in France, Metz city.

Job for strip dancers in France city Metz.

About strip dance job in France city Metz:

The club is located in Metz city, which is famous by its authenticity and the whiff of old times. Metz is a very beautiful city, located in the northeast of France, just 70 km away from Luxemburg, which is very convenient. The club belonging to the network of three popular clubs invites girls to work as strippers and offers beneficial working conditions.

Club’s working hours:

Mondays - Saturdays: 23:00 - 05:00
The club does not work on Sundays.
The working schedule of the club: the minimum of 5 working days.


The dancer receives a fixed salary of €60 for every evening she works. The dancer receives 20% from the price of champagne bottle. The price of champagne bottle ranges from €230 to €5000. If the client buys the glass of champagne to a dancer, which costs €23, she gets €7.
For one private topless dance (one song) the club pays €25 to the dancer. The payment for dances, drinks and fixed daily salary is paid to the dancer at the end of the week.

Stage performances:

Dancers must perform at least 5 stage performances (topless) during their working evening. The duration of one performance is 2 songs.
The dancer must look attractive (beautiful, sexy long dresses, well groomed nails, hair, jewelry and beautiful make-up). The dancers can select the music they want to dance to.


The club offers the dancers fully furnished, free of charge accommodation with all the conveniences above the club. All dancers have to bring their own bedding.

Travel expenses and contract duration:

If necessary, all the travel expenses are paid by the Diamond Dolls agency. These expenses are deducted from the dancer’s salary at the end of the contract and sent back to the agency. The minimum duration of the contract is 2 weeks, with the possibility to extend it.

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