Warning! Club “ Karibik ” in Germany, director - Victor Rann

Warning! Club “ Karibik ” Viktor Rann - Black list

At the end of 2015 we have received a proposal from the club’s owner Victor Rann to cooperate with his club. It was a new challenge for us, because the club seemed to be good, due to its location near the American base of NATO and the owner of the club assured us, that his club is always full of people, unfortunately, later we felt disappointed. We sent 4-5 girls to this club and we started to get complains, that the club’s owner is very stingy and big egoist. Girls before work were sniffed whether they are drunk and he loved to criticize them.
Later, as far as we have learned, Russian friends were visiting club’s owner to celebrate in his club all night long and as they were drunk, they were accommodated in the girls’ apartments and that is completely unacceptable. However, the club’s owner denied everything, but we knew that was one more lie.
Also, our few girls have not been fully paid, because in his opinion, they wanted to leave earlier and he gave fines to them. Once, on girl’s arrival day, she found out that her rental price for accommodation raised from € 5 to €10.The price was changed during one day and our agency was not informed about this.
Due to many complains, we, as an agency, stopped sending girls to this club. The club’s owner started to ask for our girls, because the club was floundering and had no dancers.
Since we were no longer interested in sending girls to this place, the club’s owner finally decided not to pay our agency for our services and threatened us that we can lose our heads if this information will be leaked.
We terminated our cooperation with this club and we leave you to decide whether this person works and leads the club correctly or not.

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