Job for strip dancers in Germany, Nuremberg

Strip dance job in Nuremberg.

About the club in Nuremberg:

One of the oldest and most popular striptease club in Nuremberg city center, is constantly looking for new dancers from Europe. The city of Nuremberg is only 170km away from Munich, and currently more than half a million people live in this city. There are only three clubs in this city; this club is the oldest and most important one

Working hours of the club:

Mondays – Saturdays 21:00 - 05:00 The club is closed on Sundays. The working schedule of the club: the minimum of 5 working days.

Salary :

A dancer receives a fixed salary of € 50 if works from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays a fixed salary is not paid for the girls. However, from the first private dance they get a full price for their private dance.
Dancers are paid for drinks:
If the customer pays in cash: 30% If a customer pays a credit card: 25% The price of cocktail at the club: € 30, Piccolo - € 60, a bottle of champagne costs from € 180 to € 2000. Private dance (2 songs) costs € 40 to the client, the dancer gets € 20. Dancers are paid 50% of the collected Dollar amount ($ 1 = € 1). The payment for dancing and drinks is paid to the dancer every Saturday; the fixed daily salary is paid at the end of the contract.

Stage performances:

All dancers dance according to the club’s schedule and must comply with it. The duration of one performance is two songs (full striptease). The dancer must look attractive (beautiful, sexy outfit, nice manicure and pedicure, well-groomed hair and beautiful makeup). All dancers can select the music they want to dance to.


The club provides dancers with the fully furnished apartments above the club for €5 per day. One room is shared by two girls. Free of charge Internet is also included.

Travel expenses and contract duration:

If necessary, all the travel expenses can be paid by the Diamond Dolls agency. These expenses are deducted from the dancer’s salary at the end of the contract and sent back to the agency. Minimum duration of the contract is 2 weeks with the possibility to extend it.

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Contact us


Phone: +370 602 03002