The club in the Klaipėda offers a job for strippers / topless dancers and image girls

Job for strippers / topless dancers and image girls - Striptease club in Klaipeda


The club newly opened in 2017 in the old town of Klaipėda offers a job for strippers/topless dancers and image girls. The club is the only strip club in the old town of Klaipeda, situated in the busiest street, which is full of restaurants, cafes, sushi bistros, night clubs, bars, casinos and hotels, so the flow of customers is guaranteed. One of the biggest and most popular among foreigners hotel National Hotel is located in front of the club. The club is located in the same building as the most popular night club/cocktail bar attracting lots of customers.

Club working hours:

Monday – Thursdays: 22:00-05:00.
Fridays – Saturdays: 22:00-06:00 (07:00).
The club does not work on Sundays.
Club’s working schedule – minimum 4 working days per week.

Stage performances:

Dancers appear on the stage 5-7 times during the evening. The duration of one performance is two songs. The first song – dressed, and the second – topless. A dancer must look attractive: long, short, cocktail dresses (beautiful, sexy clothing, well- groomed hair, nice manicure and make up). The dancers can select the music they want to dance to.


Dancers are provided with fully furnished, free of charge accommodation with Wi-Fi in the centre of Klaipėda, near the club. One room is shared by two-three girls, depending on room‘s size.

Travel expenses:

If necessary, all the travel expenses are paid by the Diamond Dolls agency. These expenses are deducted from the dancer’s salary at the end of the contract and sent back to the agency. Minimum duration of the contract is 2 weeks with the possibility to extend it. If the dancer works at the club for 2 months, the club pays her travel expenses to one direction, and if she works for 3 months – pays her travel expenses to both directions.

Additional information for girls from the third world countries:

The club helps girls to arrange employment documents in order them to work legally in Lithuania. After a two-month contract, the girls with these documents will be able to work in Finnish nightclub which cooperates with Lithuanian club.


Contact us

Contact us


Phone: +370 602 03002