Exotic dance job striptease and topless dance in Germany city Erfurt

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This one of the most famous club in Germany city Erfurt. Erfurt is located in the central of Germany and it has 213.000 people population, nearest big cities are Leipzig, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Hanover. Club is very beautiful, big, with two stages, and one of the most beautiful clubs in whole Germany. Dances will be accepted only with EU passport.

Working hours:

Mondays - Thursdays: 21:00 - 03:00 / 04:00. Fridays - Saturdays: 22:00 - 05:00. On Sundays club is closed. Dancers must work minimum 5 days per week.


Club pays to a dancers €50 fixed daily salary for one working evening: Private dance cost to a client €30, dancer gets €15. Stage show cost if customer demands cost to a client €50, dancer gets €30. Dancers also gets paid 30% for “Lady Drink”. Drinks prices are: Piccolo and cocktails: €30 Moet & Chandon (200ml): €70 Champagne (750ml): €80 to €280 For one private dance (three songs - fully naked) dancer get €25. Dancers get 50% from club “Dollars” (1$ = 1€). Salary or any other incomes can be paid to a dancers as a credit if dancers requests. Fixed salary, incomes from drinks, dancer and paid at the end of the contract to a dancer account or in cash which way prefers artist.

Stage performances:

In the club there is “non-stop” stage performance. If there are a clients in the club there is always dancer on the stage. There is DJ in the club so dancers are called on stage by dancers rotation. One stage show is two songs in topless only.


Club provides fully furnished apartment for dancers next to the club and with Wi-Fi internet for a €10 / day. Two girls sharing one room.

Travel expenses and contract duration:

Dancers must pay for their travel expenses. Agency don't cover travel expenses.