Job for girls. Employment in Iceland, Reykjavik.

Job for girls. Job in Iceland city Reykjavik.

About night club in Reykjavik:

The club opened its doors in the centre of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland in 2012 and it is one of the best and most modern clubs in whole Iceland. This island has only three night clubs, and our club is the most sophisticated and up to date. The club is located in the centre of Reykjavik so it always full of visitors, most of them are those who flies to Iceland to entertain, to celebrate bachelor parties or just cheerful tourists and local visitors. All club guests speak English, so English language is enough in order to work in Iceland’s club

Working conditions:

Night club‘s working hours:

Sundays – Thursdays: 21:00 – 06:00
Fridays – Saturdays: 21:00 – 08:00 (depends on clients’ flow in the club).
The work schedule of the club: the minimum of 6 working days.


The dancers receive 25 % from drinks sold.
The prices of drinks in the club:
A bottle of champagne costs from €500 and reaches up to €5000.
Dancer gets 40% for one private dance: read more about private dances (additional information).
Private dance (10 min): €100
Private dance (1hour.): €400
During season girls can earn from €6000 to €15000 per month.


The club offers the dancers fully furnished apartments near the club for €15 for one night.
Free of charge Internet is also included.

Travel expenses and contract duration for hostess girls:

If necessary, all the travel expenses are paid by the Diamond Dolls agency.
These expenses are deducted from the dancer’s salary at the end of the contract
and sent back to the agency.
The minimum duration of the contract is 1 month with the possibility to extend it to 3 months.

Additional information:

The club opens a bank account for each girl in the bank of Iceland and girl’s salary
is transferred to this account on the 5th of every month. At the beginning girls can have a credit
or paid in advance. All fees are paid by the club. In the clubs of Iceland it is strictly forbidden
to get fully naked during the dances; girls stay only with underwear.
work in Iceland.


Contact us

Contact us


Phone: +370 602 03002