Strip club in Hamburg - Germany. The club offers a job for lap-dancers.

Job for lap-dancers.

About club:

The club is located in Hamburg, the second largest and often called the most beautiful city of Germany. Hamburg has even more bridges then Venice. The club offers a job for lap-dancers. The club is very small, but very notable for outside. Due to great team and excellent place to spend time this club is favorite by local Germans and tourist and receives only the best feedbacks. Tourists visiting Hamburg never forget to visit this club again and again!

Club‘s working hours

Sunday - Thursday: 18:00 - 02:00
Friday - Saturday: 18:00 - 04:00
The dancer works minimum 5 nights per week.


Dancer receives a fixed salary of €70 for one working shift. Private dance (10 min., getting fully naked) costs €50 for one client, private dance (10 min., getting fully naked) for two clients costs €60, private dance (10 min., getting fully naked) for three clients costs €90. A dancer gets 50 % from dance price. Dancer also receives 25 % from sold drinks. A bottle of champagne in the club reaches even €1200. The salary for dances, from drinks and for collected Dollar tips is paid to the dancer every day. A fixed salary (after tax 16%) is paid at the end of the contract.

Stage perfomaces and dres code:

The price of the stage show cost (2 songs, getting half naked) - €60 for maximum six clients. If there are more than six clients during stage performance, every extra client must pay €10. A dancer gets 50% from the price of stage show. After stage shows dancer collects Dollar tips and from all tips she receives 50% (1 Dollar tips / €2).
A dancer must look attractive, dressed in beautiful and sexy dresses and charm clients with her shows and pleasant communication.


The club offers the girls apartments for €10 per day. Rooms are not shared; one room is for one girl.

Travel expenses and contract:

The artist must pay travel expenses. The minimum contract is 2 weeks, with a possibility of extension.

Contact us

Contact us


Phone: +370 602 03002