Job for striptease dancers. Strippers job in Portugal city Porto.

Strippers job in Portugal city Porto.


About strip club in Porto:


Porto city has a special aura and a lot of contrasts. Porto is a very old city with a great old town, with a charming little houses, with a tiny outdoor cafes, with a cozy small shops. Porto has a lot of huge modern buildings, it has a gigantic bridges, huge supermarkets. Porto city, really will not get bored for you

Striptease dancers working conditions:


Strip club‘s working hours:

Mondays - Saturdays: 23:00 - 04:00
The strip club does not work on Sundays.
The working schedule of the strip club: the minimum of 5 working days.

Striptease dancers salary:

The striptease dancer receives a fixed salary of €50 for every
evening she works or €1000 for working month.
The strip dancers receive 40% from private dance.
The price of private strip dances ranges from €40 to €500
(it depends on the dance duration).
Personally given tips 100 % remain to dancers.
The striptease dancers receive 25% from the drink price.
Prices of simple drinks range from €25.
The cocktail costs €35, and the strip dancer gets €14;
a bottle of mini champagne costs €150,
the dancer gets €60; a bottle of champagne costs
€300, the dancer gets €120; The payment for private dancing and drinks
is paid to the strip dancer once a week.

Striptease dancers stage performances:

Dancers perform one stage performance during their
working evening. The duration of one performance is 3 songs:
1st song – with clothes, the 2nd – topless,
the 3rd - fully naked. The dancer must look attractive (beautiful,
sexy underwear, corsets). The dancers can select
the music they want to dance to.

Accommodation for strip dancers:

The strip club offers the dancers fully furnished apartments
with internet 20 minutes away from the club
for €50 per week.
Transport expenses from home to strip club (from club to home)
- €20 per week. The room is shared by two girls.

Travel expenses and contract duration for strip dancers:

If necessary, all the travel expenses are paid
by the Diamond Dolls agency.
These expenses are deducted from the strip dancer’s
salary at the end of the contract
and sent back to the Diamond Dolls agency.
The minimum duration of the 1st contract is 1 weeks,
with the possibility to extend it.
If the strip dancer works at the strip club for 2 months,
the strip club pays her travel expenses
to one direction.
work strip dancers, work in Portugal.


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