Striptease job for dancers, hostess in Switzerland.

Job for strippers in Switzerland.


This is the only one “table dance” club in Zurich that opened it’s door in 1996 and is still one of the best - known and best - rated strip clubs in Switzerland. The club is located in the center of the City so it always receives an attention from local customers and tourists. All girls working in the club are from European Union countries only.

Club working hours:

Monday - Thursday: 21:00 - 04:00 Friday - Saturday: 21:00 - 05:00 The club is closed on Sunday, girls work 5 - 6 nights a week.


Pay rate for Striptease Dancers:
Fixed pay for workday - 140 CHF (first two weeks), after two weeks - fixed daily earnings - 100 CHF.
Pay rate for Hostess:
Fixed pay for workday - 100 CHF (first two weeks), after two weeks - fixed daily earnings - 80 CHF. Earnings for dances and drinks are paid once a week. Both - dancers and hostess - receive from 5% to 15% of the price of a sold bottle of champagne.
If the daily turnover is between 400 and 600 CHF, the girl is paid 5%. If the daily turnover is between 600 and 800 CHF, the girl is paid 10%. If the daily turnover is between 800 and… CHF, the girl is paid 15%.
If the girl works in the club 4 days a week and the customer buys her champagne and other drinks for 3150 CHF, then: 3150 CHF / 4 (working days) = 787.5 CHF, you get 10% of the sold champagne. 3150 CHF x 10% = 315 CHF (this is your earnings on drinks).
The price of a bottle of champagne for customers starts with:
0.75l. - 350 - 2000 CHF. 1.5l. - 990-2400 CHF. 3l. - 1900 - 5900 CHF.
If a dancer gives a private dance (two songs, full undressing), the club pays the girl 40CHF.

Stage perfomances:

Dancers have to perform a maximum of 2 (two songs duration) stage performances (half undressing) during the working evening. Girls can use music chosen by themselves. The dancer must look attractive (beautiful sexy long dresses, cared nails, hair, jewelry and beautiful makeup).


The club offers dancers free accommodation near the club, fully equipped apartments with full household appliances and free Wi-Fi. Two girls share one room.

Travel costs and duration:

The cost of the trip the dancer pays by herself. The minimum contract duration is 3 weeks, with an option to extend the contract.


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Contact us


Phone: +370 602 03002