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Malta is called the pearl of the Mediterranean, unique for its rich history, distinctive nature with rocky shores, sandy beaches and clear sea. Malta is also a resort with a vibrant nightlife. The most interesting thing is that Malta is recognized as the second most secure country in the world, so you can have fun as much as you want. This Mediterranean island attracts millions of tourists all year round due to its hot weather, fantastic beaches and endless nightlife. Most nightclubs and strip clubs are located in Paceville, in the towns of St. Julian and Bugibba. The main clubs are located a few meters away from each other, so all the fun is in one place. Malta’s nightlife is also famous for its international DJ performances and music festivals. There are also a number of strip clubs in these nightlife places that are full of customers every night. We are constantly looking for new charming strippers and offer good working conditions, with accommodation and other facilities.

Working hours:

Striptease dancers work in the club five - six days per week according to the schedule arranged by the club.


The concrete salary is discussed by contacting the agency individually.

Dancers registration

Registration striptease and topless dancers and bar hostess girls. Contact us Tel .: +370602 03002, e-mail: or simply fill out the registration form below. You are kindly requested to provide detailed information as possible. P.S. Fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) must be filled. Thank you.

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