Teatro in Wetzikon very improper club, CAUTION!

Attention! Carefully! Very Unfair "Teatro" Club!

We want to warn and inform you all about the very improper club and its leader who caused harm us as an agency and our three dancers.
The club itself located in a small village called Wetzikon 20 minutes from Zurich - Switzerland. The club we are talking about and do not recommend to work with called "Teatro" and it is hard to name it a club because it is located in the former production warehouses. The club is constantly empty and it is full of people only on weekends. If the girls do not earn anything, all the accusations are given to them, however, the owner of the club does not accept any criticism.
Club owner stopped paying money for our dancers (3 girls), started to blackmail them and used physical violence against one of them. All our small correspondence, his messages to our dancers, as well as what they experienced working at his club, can be found on our FB.
The club owner does not respect his workers, constantly changes working conditions, for example, at the end of the contract, he charges 100 CHF for delivery services from the airport to the club. In other cases, the girls were not paid guaranteed earnings, and only the percentage of what they have earned because he thinks they are not worthy of a guaranteed salary.
To this day, the club owner owes more than 12,000 CHF in total for our services and about 3000 CHF for each of our three girls. He also terrorizes the girls for not disclosing information about his offense against them.
We have nothing to fear or hide. Our job as an agency is to inform about such clubs and to make sure that such clubs would not exist in the world. Only the coward can run from responsibility for not paying his employees and terrorizing them.
Therefore, without any sense of fear or shame, we are sharing this information and we want that neither agency or girls would ever be harmed by this person.