Club in Germany city Trier “Hell and Heaven”

Warning - club in Germany city Trier “Hell and Heaven”!

We would like to inform all the dancers about one club which once was the best club in Germany and most of you still hear good reviews about it, but unfortunately this is no longer truth. At present this club “Hell and Heaven” has the worst leadership in Trier city. This club is headed by a former club dancer, but because of injury she no longer can work as a dancer. This manager shows disrespect to the dancers and agencies and in our opinion such management should not be in any professional club. We put this club on our black list due to a variety complains from dancers, unfair cooperation and in order to avoid dancers to be hurt from this club and its manager Stella.

Dancers who were not friends with manager were fined for every little thing. If you are not managers friend or she does not like you she will be unpleasant, she will never help you or explain even elementary club rules. Apartments are constantly messy. She constantly communicates with girls unpleasant and disrespectfully. If the contract is terminated for example due to your personal problems, you will get either a fine or you will not be paid for a whole week (it really happened). If you come to work via agency you will always feel the pressure to come next time directly without an agency. At first she will be nice to you, however later when she finds out that you do not have an agency she will treat you disrespectfully and eventually you will get fired.

Girls, I just want to warn you all to be careful, do not work for this club, and do not let you treat like a garbage; there are many other good clubs in the world. This club has already refused to pay the agencies and you, dear dancers are going to be the next ones not to be paid what you deserve.

Many of you wrote to us, but all of you avoid talking about it loudly. We have nothing to fear, so we will make this problem public among you and we will do it openly.

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