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New bookings are taking from 18th. Of August

New bookings are taking from 18th. Of August in a very popular
and well-known club in the capital of Denmark - Copenhagen, has a job offer
for young women who want to work as striptease dancers. The club pays a fixed
salary of even 500DKK (~€70) for one evening of work, from €26 to €200 for
stage performances and 15% from drinks as well as an exclusive bonus of
holiday pay which amounts to 12.5% of the salary. Such opportunities
to earn money can be offered only in a few of the wealthiest countries in Europe!
The club provides the dancers with rooms and takes care of all necessary
documents regarding the taxes and employment. Since the club is inviting
determined and self-confident young women and since it offers good conditions,
it draws contracts with the dancers the minimum duration of which
is one month. It is a really very good job offer for dancers!
Fill in the application form and we will get in touch with you!

Best regards
Diamond Dolls

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