What do I need to take with me for a job in the night club ?

The most important thing to take with you is your personal documents. You must also be prepared to work in the night club, i.e. you have to have the various outfit – fancy underwear, long and short evening dresses, high heels. Your look should be representative, so you need to have your own make-up, manicure and pedicure tools. At work you should look attractive and elegant, but not vulgar.

Do girls need to pay the agency fee for a provided job ?

Our agency offers jobs for striptease, topless dancers and hostess and girls do not have to pay any fee for that. Also, this fee is not deducted from girl’s salary in the club, so she gets the same salary as girls, who are self-employed and work without agency. The agency fee is always paid only by the club.

What are the main requirements in order to work striptease, topless dancer or hostess ?

If you want to work as a stripper or topless dancer or hostess you must be at least 18 years old. You also have to be able to communicate in English, be in good physical form, good looking and most of all, you have to like to dance. It is not required to have similar working experience, because "Diamond Dolls" agency is open for girls without it. If you are interested in the position of hostess you should be able to communicate freely in English, and the knowledge of other foreign languages is a great advantage. Also, you have to be communicative and funny, because the job of hostess is just a pleasant and entertaining communication with the club clients in order to get treated with the most delicious drinks. Thus, you should love the taste of champagne.

Is it possible to start cooperate with the agency and get employed in the night club without the experience ?

Yes, it is possible. "Diamond Dolls" agency is open for girls with no experience, but who want to be strippers, topless dancers or image girls. However, the main requirements are English language and a desire to work. Part of the clubs we are working with, accept girls without an experience and teach them how to work. So, if you are still dreaming, but at the same time doubting, please contact "Diamond Dolls" agency and we will help you to realize your dream.

Where can I live when I work in the night club in another country ?

Clubs with whom we cooperate, provide accommodation for all girls, who arrive to work in these clubs. Mostly, clubs giveapartments for free or for a small rental fee. Apartments, where the girls are accommodated are tidy and clean, fully furnished and one room is shared by two-three girls. Bathroom and kitchen are included in all the apartments as well as the free Internet.

How much can I earn in a month working as a dancer in the night club ?

In a question "how much I will earn" neither the "Diamond Dolls" agency, nor any club you will work, will not give you an answer. Everything depends only on your efforts, desire and motivation to earn. Clubs or "Diamond Dolls" agency are always interested in working with girls that are motivated and loving this kind of job. If you like to dance and want to earn, you can make up to 15 000 Eur!

Do I have to go with the clients to the restaurants and other public places when working as an Hostess ?

No, you do not have to do this, because it’s forbidden. The job of the hostess includes only a pleasant and entertaining communication with the clients in order to get treated with the most delicious drinks and only in the club. You will not have to accompany them in any public places, even though they will be admired by your communication. Clients in order to communicate with you will always come to the club, because your workplace as the hostess is the club only, which cooperates with "Diamond Dolls" agency.

What to do for the first time you arrive at the night club ?

First of all – do not be late. When you arrive in the night club for the first time, go to the bar and ask for the club manager. The manager will take you into the dressing room, where you prepare for your work evening. When you are ready, the cub manager will explain all the rules of the club, will show you the whole club and introduce you with the staff. Finally, after the introduction, you will be ready to start your first working evening.

Why the names and contacts of the club are not given alongside with the club’s description ?

"Diamond Dolls" is the dancers employment agency, and we publish only the work conditions of clubs we are cooperating with. When the girl chooses working conditions suitable for her, the agency sends girl’s filled form to the club and waits their approval. And only with the approval that club agrees to make an employment contract with the girl, she receives all the required information from the agency, i.e. club name, contacts of the club managers or owners, address. We also inform how to go to the club or we find the best ways of arrival.

Will I be forced to provide sexual services while working in the night club ?

The agency "Diamond Dolls" cooperates only with the night clubs which strictly forbid any intimate services. Many clubs even prohibit girls working in the club meet with the club’s clients after work hours. For violating these rules or providing sexual services the club immediately ceases the cooperation with the girl and informs about that our agency.

Why is worth working with Diamond Dolls agency ?

"Diamond Dolls" agency collaborates only with legally working clubs, who have earned a good reputation and strictly forbid intimate services. For girls, who work in our agency, we guarantee the safety, good working conditions, timely and well paid salary, and accommodation when on the job. For the given job and provided necessary information the girls do not have to pay any agency fee. So the cooperation with our agency is completely free. Working with "Diamond Dolls" agency you can always feel safe when going to our recommended clubs and you will always be provided with the necessary information; in case of any doubts, we will always help to solve them.

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