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Striptease Job

Diamond Dolls Agency Recognized as "Strongest" agency.
In cooperation with the best foreign clubs, we have prepared exclusive job offers for girls.
We train girls who have no experience, with the best Lithuanian choreographers.

We want to make it clear that our recruitment agency Diamond Dolls complies with the laws. For this reason, all of the job positions offered are legal and have been given legislative form in documents and agreements.
Confidentiality of personal data and safety of candidates is guaranteed.

We are interested in finding the optimal option for each girl in abroad striptease clubs, without any agency fee. If necessary, we pay the travel expenses.
A bilateral contract is signed, confirming, that your work is completely safe and legal.

By cooperating with our agency, you will be guaranteed not only safe and legal work in abroad, but also in clubs, you will be subject to stable working conditions and guaranteed timely payment.
Job positions are legally enshrined in documents and contracts.