Club or company name: “Teatro”

Address: Wetzikon, Switzerland
Reason: The club is constantly empty and it few people only on weekends. If the girls do not earn anything, all the accusations are given to them, however, the owner of the club does not accept any criticism. Club owner Serbian stopped paying money to our dancers (3 girls), started to blackmail them and used violence against one of them. The club owner does not respect his workers, constantly changes working conditions, for example, at the end of the contract, he charges 100 CHF for delivery services from the airport to the club. In other cases, the girls were not paid guaranteed earnings, and only the percentage of what they have earned because he thinks they are not worthy of a guaranteed salary. To this day, the club owner owes more than 12,000 CHF in total for our services and about 3000 CHF for each of our three girls. He also terrorizes the girls for not disclosing information about his offense against them.

Club or company name: “Glamour"

Address: Melano (Switzerland).
The reason: This is a very dishonest person who is one of the owners of the Lugano Club and works as an agent at the same time. The tactic is very simple - they contact the agencies promising good working conditions and good salary, sending good pictures and data of their club, but when the girl arrives, he sends them to work for their friends or partners to other clubs, mainly in Zurich, such brothers as night club “Imperium". Later Fortunato Clemente takes the agency’s money from the club, takes part of girls’ earned money and disappears. Be very careful with this person, his club and his partners (to date only one “Imperium" club is known).

Club or company name: “Imperium"

Address: Zürich, Switzerland.
The reason: This is one of the largest brothels in the center of Zurich. The owners of the club (father and son), tell all the girls and agencies that their club is the best, the cleanest and they offer the best salary. They also say that girls want to work on a constant basis and they have a large number of girls waiting to work with them, but reality is completely different. This club is a true brothel and when the girls arrive, the club owner personally gives a "service menu" with the specified prices, services, how much money girls have to take from clients for the provided sexual services. The club owner does not force girls to provide sexual services, but asks in a beautiful form. The club owner always denies allegations against him, but when we check the club ourselves as clients, asking girls for the cost of sexual services, we were provided with all the prices. Please be very careful with this family, agents who offer this club and, of course, the club itself.

Club or company name: “ Cabaret"

Address: Metz, France.
The reason: At the beginning starting to work with this owner there were no big problems, except for the fact that most girls told us constantly that the owner was often harassing the girls, very often tried to put them into bed, offering what he even does not have. We will not publicly announce his randy offers because they are too disgusting. Later, the owner began not to pay money for the services of our agency, saying that he will terminate the club because of bankruptcy, but bankruptcy lasted for a very long time and to this day, as far as we know, the owner continues to work illegally with the girls from Asian countries, he owes money not only to the agencies but also to other people. Today, this club is on the black list of the three agencies and not for minor reasons.
So if you want to work in a safe club that does not harass you, work legally and expect timely payment, we really do not recommend choosing this club.

Club or company name: "Heaven"

Address: Trier, Germany.
Reason: Dancers were fined for every little thing. Apartments are constantly messy. Manager of the club communicates with girls unpleasant and disrespectfully.
If the contract is terminated for example due to your personal problems, you will get either a fine or you will not be paid for a whole week (it really happened).
If you come to work via agency you will always feel the pressure to come next time directly without an agency. At first she will be nice to you, however later when she finds out that you do not have an agency she will treat you disrespectfully and eventually you will get fired.
This club has already refused to pay the agencies and you, dear dancers are going to be the next ones not to be paid

Club or company name: "G Bunny"

Address: Gera, Germany.
The reason: When we first start working with this club, everything went smoothly - payments have been paid on time, the girls were satisfied, but later everything had changed. We started to get a lot of reproaches from the dancers that most of the clients are Albanians and Turks and the club became the unsafe workplace for dancers. Later, salaries started to be late and ultimately, the wage was not paid at all. To this date, the club is insolvent and has no money. My advice to all girls would be not to work for this club, because clients do what they want and expect the same from the girls. This club is really not safe for professional club dancers, who want to work and to earn.

Club or company name: "ATM Agency".

Address: Marche area, Italy.
Reason: This Italian agency contacted us and promised a smooth and fair collaboration, however, these were just promises.
Three men, introducing themselves as the agency’s managers and advocates, work in this agency. Unfortunately, this is one of the most unreliable agencies that our agency has had to work with.
This Italian agency offers jobs for girls across all Italy, however, if you work with ATM, you will not only not receive your earnings, but you will also work under illegal conditions and will be constantly transferred from one club to another without assuring stability and safety.
By working with ATM we have suffered many losses, such as losing money,
and also paying the performers for their work.

Club or company name: "4 play gentelmans"

Address: Mallorca (Spain).
Reason:Promised to pay fixed daily salary of €50, but newer did. From first day start breaking agreement, raised house rent.
Everything what was promised in the beginning was just to get more dancers, and then start lying about everything. Club is very unsecure; there was an offers from club owner to do "extra" for a dancers. Club has very bad smell inside.
We very strongly recommending NOT to work with them, as all team starting from translator to accountancy is big liar company.

Club or company name: "Dolce Vita"

Address: München, Germany.
Reason: The club does not pay the dancers their contractual remuneration.
Also, the club is not concerned about creating good working conditions for the performers and does not guarantee safety. The owner of the club is very strict to the performers.
After making a contract the club also refuses to pay the agency fee.
It is an unreliable place to work for professional dancers.