Striptease job, exotic dancer job

"Naked body is a way to express art"

Striptease is not just a naked body

Striptease is an art of seduction, the ability to ignite the passion and to express yourself.
Striptease agency „Diamond Dolls“ is looking for self-confident and courageous girls considering the job of a strip dancer as a serious occupation that requires responsibility.
We can give you an opportunity to dance in best strip clubs abroad that have excellent reputation.

For girls who want a job of a strip dancer

Girls interested in striptease dancer‘s position must be physically fit and be able to communicate in English. The knowledge of other languages or similar job experience is a big plus that would be taken into consideration.
However, if a role of a strip dancer is a new experience for you, our stripper agency Diamond Dolls evaluates candidates and can offer lessons by the best strip dance teachers, where you will learn not only the art of strip dancing but also will look at the art of seduction from different angle.
Next, after considering the needs and skills of a candidate, exotic dance job agency "Diamond Dolls" can offer beneficial and attractive striptease job in best strip clubs around the world.

Attention, please!

We want to make it clear that our striptease agency Diamond Dolls complies with the laws. For this reason, all of the striptease job positions offered are legal and have been given legislative form in documents and agreements.
Confidentiality of personal data of candidates is guaranteed. Moreover, our exotic dancers choose the exact working period, what leads to the balance between job an personal life.
We appreciate very much our partners‘ trust, so requirements set for candidates are very high. The position of a strip dancer is a serious and secure offer for girls who take this kind of job seriously and with responsibility.

Dancers registration

Registration striptease and topless dancers and bar hostess girls. Contact us Tel .: +370602 03002, e-mail: or simply fill out the registration form below. You are kindly requested to provide detailed information as possible. P.S. Fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) must be filled. Thank you.

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