Recruitment topless dancers

„Dance is a poem and every movement is a word“ – Mata Hari

Job for topless dancers

Agency „Diamond Dolls“ is looking for charming and courageous girls to work as dancers in elite night clubs in Europe.
Our aim is to give an opportunity to girls who are passionate about dance to try the role of a topless dancer.

Aspects of topless dancer position

Agency „Diamond Dolls“ is concerned about moral principles. For this reason our job offers are legal. Agency is responsible for the documentation needed for a candidate and guarantees the confidentiality of personal data. Moreover, our dancers are free to choose the working period, which ensures balance between job and personal life.

Girls interested in this position must be attractive and speak English. Knowing other languages is a big plus as well as similar job experience. However, if this kind of job is a new experience for a girl, we evaluate the skills of a candidate and offer dance lessons by the best dance teachers to learn the art of dancing.
Next, after considering the needs and skills of a girl, we can offer prosperous and interesting job in best Europe clubs.

The balance between quality and salary

Particular requirements are set for candidates so they are carefully selected. In this way, we can offer for a candidate and a club which recruits a girl the best balance between quality and salary.