Club dancer job in Denmark city Copenhagen ID-4

Last updated on Sunday, 12 May 2024 21:42
Quick review:

Club located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Fixed daily salary is 200 DKK per working day. Dancer has to perform up to 5 shows (one song) per night. Minimum contract length is 1 month. The club offers free accommodation.

Full description:
About the club:

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Club is in the city center, financial district, customers are business people and tourists. The Club staff will ensure the security and good living conditions.

Club working hours:

Sunday: Off.
Monday: Off.
Tuesday: 21:00-04:00.
Wednesday: 21:00-04:00.
Thursday: 21:00-04:00.
Friday: 21:00-06:00.
Saturday: 21:00-06:00.
Dancer works 5 days per week with 2 days off.


Commission of Champagne:
15% on consummation of Champagne bottles, prices starts from 2200.- DKK (293.- EUR) and goes up to 76000.- DKK (10000.- EUR)).
Commission of private dances:
The dancer gets 500.- DKK (66.- EUR) from private dance show (one song).
Commission of private dances combined with Champagne sale:
The dancer gets 500.- DKK (66.- EUR) from private dance plus 15% on consummation of Champagne bottles. Champagne bottle prices starts from 2200.- DKK (293.- EUR) to 76000.- DKK (10000.- EUR)).
Salary is paid once per month.

Stage performances:

Dancer performs up to 5 shows (one song) per night. Music for stage show will be delivered by The Club. Dancer must wear elegant or sexy-erotic dresses, high-heel platform shoes, evening makeup.


The Club offers to dancer accommodation in apartment, located just 1 minute from The Club. In the apartment, there is a kitchen, bathroom, and common living room. Travel and the transport has to be paid by the dancer themself.

Contract duration:

The minimum contract length is one month with the possibility to extend it.

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