Job for striptease dancers in Germany Bielefeld

Last updated on Friday, 06 October 2023 10:11
About the club:

Brand new club opened in Germany – Bielefeld in September 2019. This city has a population of 340.000 people and it is called one of the richest towns in Germany. It is the only club in the whole city, so there is no competition at all. Nearest club is located only 60km away from Bielefeld, so it is very good opportunity to make really good money. Please note that the owner speaks in Russian and German only.

Club working hours:

Mondays – Saturdays: 21:00 – 05:00.
The club does not work on Sundays.
The work schedule of the club: the minimum of 5 working days.


The dancer receives a fixed salary of €40 for every evening she works.
The cocktail costs €20 for the club’s client, and the dancer gets €5.
Piccolo costs €35, the dancer gets €10.
Prosseco costs €50, the dancers get €15.
€100 - €30, €150 - €45, €200 - €60, €300 - €90, €400 - €120.
For one private dance (three songs – topless) the dancer gets €20.
For a private dance on the stage (bachelor party and etc.) the dancer gets €50 for 20 min.
The dancer gets 50 % from the collected “Dollar” sum ($1=€1).
If the dancer requests she can receive a weekly advance.
The payment for dancing, drinks and fixed daily rate will be paid to the dancer at the end of the contract or at the end of the month to the bank account specified by the dancer or in cash.

Stage performances:

The dancers must have the maximum of 6 (six songs) stage performances (topless) every working evening.
The dancer must look attractive (beautiful, sexy long dresses, well-groomed nails, hair, jewelry and beautiful make-up).


The club offers the dancers fully furnished, free of charge accommodation with all the conveniences. It takes 2-3 minutes to reach the club. 2-3 dancers live in one room. All dancers have to bring their own bedding.

Quantity of dancer contracts: 5 Quantity of hostess contracts: 3 Length of the contract:

The dancer pays all the travel expenses.
Minimum duration of the contract is 3 weeks with the possibility to extend it.

Latest jobs in nightclubs

The dancer receives a fixed daily salary of €70 for each working evening + 50% from tips. For one private dance the dancer gets 50%. The client pays 25€ (4min) or 40€ (6min) for a private dance. The price of champagne goes from 200€ to 1000€. Dancer gets 30% from Champagne. Dancers receive their payments on Saturday.

The dancer receives a fixed salary of €50 for every evening she works. Private table dance costs €45 for a client (one song); a dancer receives €20 if paid in cash and €16 if paid with a card. Club’s dollars are shared with the club 50/50. Dancers get the payment at the end of the week.