Job for striptease dancers in Finland Helsinki

Last updated on Sunday, 15 August 2021 12:53

It is one of the oldest and the very first strip club in Helsinki, and nowadays it is one of the most famous clubs in Finland, renovated in 2019, so the club is very modern and luxury. The club is located in the center of Helsinki so there are always clients in the club. This club works only for girls from European Union countries. There are only 3 clubs in all of Helsinki, so the competition is quite small.

Working hours:

Tuesday - Saturday: 21:00 - 05:00. Club is closed on Sundays and Mondays. Dancers must work minimum 5 days per week.


Club guarantees that dancer will earn minimum €50 per day (Guaranteed salary). Incomes from drinks and dancers are paid at the end of the contract, deducting minus 5-6% which will include Finish incomes Taxes. Dancers are also paid 25% - 30% from private dances. For a 15min private dance dancer gets €20. For a 30min private dance dancer gets €40. Dancer also gets paid 25-30% from drinks she will get from customer. Champagne starts at the club from €20 to €1000.

Stage performances:

Club clients are generous and leaving good tips for the girls, so the club has made it possible for dancers to step off the stage after each performance and walk around the club to collect their tips which 100% of tips belongs to them. Club dancers must perform 2-4 stage performances during the evening fully naked.


Club provides fully furnished apartment, with free Wi-Fi for dancers next to the club for Free. Two girls sharing one room.

Travel expenses and contract duration:

Minimum contract is 2 weeks with a possibility to extend it. Travel expenses are paid by artist, not by club.

Dancers registration

Registration striptease and topless dancers and bar hostess girls. Contact us Tel .: +370602 03002, e-mail: or simply fill out the registration form below. You are kindly requested to provide detailed information as possible. P.S. Fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) must be filled. Thank you.

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