Nightclub dancer job in Germany Bochum

Last updated on Tuesday, 03 October 2023 22:33
About the club:

Unforgettable nights at the highest level club in Bochum. With a population of 372,348 Bochum is the sixth largest and one of the southernmost cities in the Low German area. Club has a stylish, exotic and relaxing atmosphere. The owner of the club provides excellent working conditions for dancers from the EU.

Club working hours:

Monday - Saturday: 21:00 - 05:00
On Sundays the club is closed.
Dancers must work a minimum 5 days per week.


The dancer receives a fixed daily salary of €70 for each working evening + 50% from tips.
For one private dance the dancer gets 50%. The client pays 25€ (4min) or 40€ (6min) for a private dance.
The price of champagne goes from 200€ to 1000€. Dancer gets 30% from Champagne.
Dancers receive their payments on Saturday.

Stage performances:

The duration of one performance is two songs. The first song is dressed on the stage in high heels and the second one is topless. The dancer must look attractive (beautiful long, short dresses etc.).


The club provides fully equipped apartments above the club for €10 per day.

Quantity of dancer contracts: 6 Quantity of hostess contracts: 3 Contract duration:

Minimum duration for contract is 1 month, with possibility to extend it.