Striptease job in Norway Night club - Trondheim

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Last updated on Saturday, 03 June 2023 11:09
About the club:

Trondheim – a city on the south shore of Trondheim Fjord in Norway. With a population of 210,000, Trondheim in the third most populous municipality of Norway. Trondheim is considered the technology capital of Norway. Our partner’s club is the only one striptease club in all Tronheim area, which guarantees many local customers any time, and many tourists as well. Club is well located, well furnished, classy and elegant. The club management is very friendly and always ready to assist for dancers.

Club working hours:

Mondays – Saturdays: 22:00 – 04:00.
Club is closed on Sundays.
Working schedule of the club – 6 working days.


Club guarantees NOK 4000 per working week.
10 minutes Private show costs NOK 800, and the artist earns NOK 400.
20 minutes Private show costs NOK 1600, and the artist earns NOK 800.
Lady drink costs NOK 350, artist gets NOK 155.
Small “Moet” costs NOK 390, artist earns NOK 115.
Commissions from bottles of champagne are 25% per sold bottle, and prices range from NOK 1800 to NOK 10000.
Tips are shared with the club 50/50.
Salary is paid at the end of the contract to artist bank account.
The dancers will be charged 15% income tax according to Norwegian tax laws.

Stage performance:

The dancers perform 3-5 times by getting naked on the second song end. One stage show takes 2 songs. The dancers provide their own music. Dancers must look attractive: minimum 2 cocktail dresses, and additional show clothes. Clothing style: classy but sexy.


The club accommodate dancers in the apartments upstairs the club. Well furnished, cozy, with a free WiFi, single or double rooms for artists are free of charge.

Quantity of dancer contracts: 4 Quantity of hostess contracts: 3 Length of the contract:

The minimum length of the contract is 2 weeks with a possibility to extend it. For artists, who works 3 weeks and more, club covers 50% of the ticket price to the country of origin (up to NOK 1600).