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Strippers job in Denmark city Copenhagen.

About strip club in Copenhagen:

Strip club, located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark invites charismatic and attractive girls to work as strippers and earn a real western salary. The warm and friendly environment of the club attracts lots of clients and guests. The strip club guarantees good and stable working conditions, the arrangement of all the required documents, high income and even extra premium to it. Just few richest countries in Europe, including Denmark can offer such income possibilities!

Striptease dancers working conditions:

Club’s working hours:

The club works every day from 22:00 to 05:00
(on weekends the club works until 08:00 if there are
enough clients in the club).
The work schedule of the club:
the minimum of 5 working days.

Striptease dancers salary:

There is no fixed daily fee in this club.
Dancers get 15% from all drinks sold.
The prices of drinks for the clients range from DKK 1900
to DKK 19.000 (€255 to €2552).
The club pays the dancer DKK 150 (€20) for one stage performance.
If there are no clients in the club, the dancer receives DKK 100 (€14).
A private dance (3 min): DKK 200 for the dancer
A private dance (3 min + champagne): DKK 250 for the dancer
A private dance (5min): DKK 300 for the dancer
A private dance (5min + champagne): DKK 500 for the dancer
A private dance (8min): DKK 500 for the dancer
A private dancer (8min + champagne): DKK 900 for the dancer
If the dancer requests she can receive a weekly advance.
The payment for dancing and drinks will be paid
to the dancer at the end of the contract to the bank
account specified by the dancer or
at the end of the month.

Danish taxes:

The dancer must pay 8 % state taxes from all income
over DKK 35.000 - DKK 50.000 (Danish Krone).
If the dance exceeds this limit, she will have to pay
45 % of Danish taxes. The club prepares all relevant
documents related to dancer’s taxes
and legal employment.

Striptease dancers stage performances:

The dancers must have the maximum 6 (two-three songs)
stage performances (getting fully naked)
every evening.
The dancer must look attractive (beautiful, sexy
long dresses, well-groomed nails, hair,
jewelry and beautiful make-up).
The club gives an opportunity to perfect
your “pole dance” skills for DKK 100 for the lesson.

Accommodation for striptease dancers:

The club offers the dancers fully furnished apartments
near the club. The rental price for the apartment
is DKK 2000 (€268) per month.
This amount is deducted from the dancer’s salary
at the end of the contract.

Travel expenses and contract duration for striptease dancers:

All the travel expenses are paid by the dancer.
Minimum duration of the contract is 1 month
with the possibility to extend it.
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