Job for striptease dancers in Luxembourg.

Strippers job in Luxembourg.

About strippers job in Luxembourg:

A luxurious and elegant club in Luxembourg awaits girls who want to dance striptease. The club is located at the very centre of the city so it attracts a lot of clients and this provides girls with a great opportunity to earn money. Stage performances in the club are very important. It is a great advantage for dancers because tips are left after every performance. Even though this club has opened its doors only in 2012, it has already earned a good name and gathered its circle of clients which is expanding fast. This happens because the owners of the club pay attention to every little detail from exquisite interior to the flawless image of dancers. It is a modern club that loves novelties, always tries to maintain its high level and work with only the best possible dancers. So you can also become a part of this constantly improving club and take advantage of the limitless opportunities to earn

Working conditions:

Opening times:

Monday - Sunday: 23:00 – 07:00.
Working schedule in the club: at least 5 working days.

Strippers salary:

The dancer receives a fixed salary of €60 for every evening she works. The payment for dancing and dollar tips are paid once per week. The performer receives 50% from the collected Dollar amount. 100% of personal tips belong to the dancer.
Dancers receive 20% from the drinks sold.
The price of drinks for the clients ranges from €30 to €2800.
1 glass of champagne must be drunk in 15 minutes, 1 Piccolo drink – in 30 minutes and a bottle of champagne – in one hour.
The price of a private dance for the client (5 minutes) is €25.
If the weekly turnover of the dancer does not reach €2500 (for drinks), then she receives €5 from the full price of the private dance.
If the weekly turnover of the dancer reaches €2500, then she receives €15 from each private dance.
The fixed rate is paid at the end of the contract.
The dancers can get a credit from the club at any time while
the contract is valid.

Striptease dancers stage perfomances:

The programme in the club continues non-stop. If there are visitors,
then one of the dancers must dance all the time.
The dancers dance according to the schedule formed by the club
and it must be followed.
The duration of one show is two songs. One song with clothes
on and the other one being topless.
The dancer must look attractive (good-looking, sexy clothes,
well-groomed nails, hair and makeup.).
The dancers can choose the music to dance to.

Accomodation for striptease dancers:

The club accommodates the girls above the club in fully furnished apartments
with WI-FI that cost €120 per week. Two girls share one room.

Travel costs:

If a girl does not have a possibility to buy a ticket, Diamond Dolls pays for the
travel costs. At the end of the contract the money will be deducted
and sent to the agency.

Duration of the contract:

The minimum duration of the first contract with this club is 1 month with a possibility to extend it.
The duration of the second contract
is no less than 2 weeks.
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