Stripper job in Majorca

Last updated on Friday, 06 May 2022 17:35
About the club:

Majorca – Spanish island in Mediterranean Sea, which is extremely popular holidays destination. Magaluf is a major holidays resort on the Majorca island. The place is very famous for its sandy white beaches and amazing nightlife. Every season word famous DJs performs there and attracts rich tourists from all around the Europe: David Guetta, Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix and many more well-known DJs plays there. Magaluf resort is always full of tourists from Britain, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France, and they like to spend a lot of money for their nightlife. “Diamond Dolls” agency has exclusive privilege to offer job for dancers in the best rated strip club in all Magaluf. The club is very stylish, beautiful, non-smoking and located in front of the beach. Club works only during high season from April to October, and it’s always full of customers, who likes to party and spend a lot of money, which guarantees high earnings for dancers.

Club working hours:

Mondays – Sundays: 22:00 – 06:00. The working schedule of the club: minimum 6 working days.


The artists get 50% from private dances and VIP area.
Private topless dance costs €20.
Private full nude dance costs €30.
10 minutes VIP dance costs €90.
30 minutes VIP costs €270.
1-hour VIP costs €540.
Dancers gets good commissions for drinks, for example from cheapest bottle of champagne, artist receive €50, and from most expensive bottle dancer receive €200.
Salary is paid once per week.

Stage performances:

Artist usually performs 3 – 4 times per evening. Performance is only getting topless, and it takes 2 songs. The dancer must look attractive (good looking, sexy lingerie, bikinis, short dresses, high heels, well-groomed nails, hair and make-up).


Club offers well furnished apartments close to the club for €17 per day with a free WiFi. Club also provides house lady service for €7 per day.

Length of the contract:

Minimum duration of the contract is 1 month with a possibility to extend it.

Dancers registration

Registration striptease and topless dancers and bar hostess girls. Contact us Tel .: +370602 03002, e-mail: or simply fill out the registration form below. You are kindly requested to provide detailed information as possible. P.S. Fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) must be filled. Thank you.

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