Striptease job in Cyprus - Ayia Napa

Last updated on Sunday, 17 March 2024 20:26
Quick review:

Location: Club in Cyprus, Ayia Napa. Working hours: Mondays – Sundays: 22:00 – 05:00. Salary: €50 fixed daily salary. Stage performances: Artist performing on stage take 1 song. Accommodation: Accommodation costs €10 per day. Contract duration: Minimum contract duration of 1 month.

Full description:
About the club:

Ayia Napa – one of the biggest and well-known resorts in Cyprus island. This resort is often called “Cyprus’ Ibiza”, because there you can find a lot of fun: bars, restaurants, night clubs, and best parties till the morning and other great activities.
Our partners club is looking for dancers, who are willing to spend their time usefully: earn BIG and have a great holiday by the beach at the same time. This is the biggest strip club in Ayia Napa, where always work 20-25 girls, and always more than 500 customers per night. Club owner is taking a great care of all their artists, so dancers really loves to work there.

Club working hours:

Mondays – Sundays: 22:00 – 05:00.
Working schedule in the club: minimum 6 working days.


Artists receive €50 fixed daily salary for every evening she works.
For a private topless dance artist gets €7.
For a private dance artist get €15.

Dancer earns 20% from alcoholic beverages:
Special drink costs €20.
Small “Brilla” costs €50.
Bottle of “Ultra” champagne costs €120.
Bottle of “Brilla” costs €200.
Bottle of “Moet” costs €250.
Bottle of “Dom Perignon” costs €500.
Tips are shared 50/50.
Fixed salary and commissions are paid every Monday.

Stage performances:

Artist performing on stage take 1 song by getting topless. Dancers must look attractive (sexy lingerie, erotic theme costumes, high heels, beautiful makeup, hairstyle).


The club accommodates artists in the hotel type apartments close to the club (2 minutes by feet). 2-3 dancers in one room, apartments are well equipped, and have free WiFi. Accommodation costs €10 per day.

Length of the contract:

The minimum contract duration is 1 month, with a possibility to extend it till the end of the season.

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