Striptease job in Geneva

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Last updated on Thursday, 25 August 2022 20:45

Geneva is Switzerland's second-largest city. Only a small number of European tourist destinations can appeal to Geneva with its charm and attractions. Geneva has won the "Best European Weekend of the Year" prize. This prestigious World Travel Awards is equivalent to Oscar in the tourism industry. We offer you the only true striptease club that does not provide any intimate services and the club only works with dancers, any other activity is not tolerated. Since 2016, according to Swiss law, only dancers from European Union countries can work in clubs. Girls from Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus or other Asian countries are no longer able to work legally in Switzerland.

Working hours:

Monday - Sunday: 21:30 - 05:00 Club work schedule - minimum 23 working days per month.


A dancer receives a fixed 2200 CHF wage for a month. Fixed working day pay is paid at the end of the month. Earnings for private dances are paid once a week. Fixed salary and earnings on drinks are paid once a month. Dancers are paid 8-13% of drinks. The percentage depends on the total amount of champagne sales. Drinks prices at the club: Cocktails: 40 - 45 CHF, Piccolo: 55 CHF, Small Champagne: 190 - 240 CHF, Champagne: 290 - 2500 CHF. For a two-song private dance, the club pays the girl 50% of the dance amount. Private dance costs the client 160CHF.

Stage performances:

Each dancer dances 2-4 times per evening, depending on the number of clients and dancers in the club. Duration of one performance is one song. The dancer must look attractive, wear beautiful sexy lingerie with which dancers work in the evening.


The club provides dancers with accommodation near the club. The apartments are fully equipped and there is free internet in the flat. The rent depends on the apartments. Rental rates - 450CHF, 750CHF and 850CHF per month.

Travel expenses and contract duration:

Travel costs are paid by the dancer if she has not signed an agreement with the Diamond Dolls Agency. If the contract is signed between the performer and the agency, then the agency pays travel expenses to Geneva. The minimum duration of a contract is four weeks, with the possibility to extend it to three months.