European island of Malta offers a job for strippers

Job for strippers in island of Malta


The club is located in one of the most beautiful European islands of Malta offers a job for strippers. Club is located in the center of Paceville, which is full of restaurants, casinos, clubs and bars and where the raucous night life never ends. The island of Malta itself constantly attracts tourists for its beautiful scenery, sandy beaches and transparent Mediterranean Sea.

Working hours:

Mondays – Sundays: 22:00 - 05:00 The working schedule of the club is minimum 5 working days.


The dancer receives a fixed salary of €35 for every working evening for the first week. In the second week, if the dancer earns €400 from dances and drinks she also gets a fixed salary of €35 for every evening; if she does not reach the week’s limit, she gets only earnings from drinks and dances.
For one cocktail dancer gets paid €2 commissions. For a small bottle of Champagne dancer gets €3 commissions.
Dances costs €30, €300 or €500 for a client; a dancer receives 50% from the sum of dance, respectively it makes €15, €150 or €250.

Stage performances:

A dancer makes stage performances only with underwear during working evening. A dancer must look attractive (well-groomed hair and nails, accessories and nice make-up).


The club offers fully furnished apartments with all the facilities for €430 / month. The room is shared by 2, sometimes 3 girls. Each dancer must bring her own bedding (linen).

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Contact us


Phone: +370 602 03002