Job for striptease dancers in Denmark Copenhagen ID-2

Last updated on Sunday, 28 January 2024 21:32
Quick review:

Location: Club in Denmark, Copenhagen. Working hours: Wednesday 20:00 - 04:00, Thursday 20:00 - 05:00, Friday - Saturday 20:00 - 06:00. Salary: The club offers a fixed daily salary of 500 DKK (~€67). Stage performances: Dancers perform on 10min per hour on stage. Accommodation: 130 DKK per day (~€18,00). Contract duration: Minimum contract duration of 3 weeks.

Full description:

Club is located in the city center of Copenhagen, which attracts lots of visitors all the time, who like to spend huge amounts in this club. This club is very modern, extra luxury, which keeps it high class. The club two floor. On the first floor you will find large VIP lounge, champagne lounge and bar. Club also offers exclusive services to club guess and offers delicacies such as caviar, handmade canapés, delicious chocolates, snacks, etc. Club owners are looking for new artists to join their team. Don't miss this opportunity to earn big money and have a great time.

Club working hours:

Wednesday 20:00 - 04:00.
Thursday 20:00 - 05:00.
Friday - Saturday 20:00 - 06:00.
Dancers must work minimum 4 days per week.


The club offers a fixed daily salary of 500 DKK (~€67).
Dancers also received money from private dancers which are:
Body Tequila (Tequila only for customer): 100 DKK (~€13).
2 songs private show: 200 DKK (~€26).
VIP dance: 2 songs - 400 DKK (~€54) + % from champagne in VIP area.
Also dancers receiving money from Champagne, caviar and snack:
Champagne: from 10% to 15%.
Main club: 15%.
Caviar area: 15%.
VIP area: 10%.
Tips received shared 50/50 with the Club.
Club dollar notes DKK 5,00 / dollar note (~€ 0,70) dancer keeps 100%.
Before all payouts your earnings are minus 10% working tax.

Stage performances:

Dancers perform on 10min per hour on stage in topless only.
Swimsuit, bikini, tops, and miniskirts.
Colorful clothes - NO black, dark, or nude color.
High stripper shoes or boots, long manicured nails, a good evening makeup and loose hair (No normal ponytail).


Payment for accommodation 130 DKK per day (~€18,00).Club will deduct money for room ones a week.Newly renovated apartment, located just 1 minute from the club, in the apartment, there is a kitchen, bathroom and a common living room with flat screen TV, all rooms in the apartment have own TV, Wi-Fi internet, Washing machine and tumble dryer.
Apartment shared by 8 Girls.
Smoking: only electronic cigarettes allowed in the apartment.
Important things to bring:
Bring your own towels, you don’t have to bring – bed linen.

Lenght of the contract:

Club offers minimum 3 weeks contract, with possibility to extend contract.

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