Job in the night club - City Lugano. Job for hostess bar girls

Job for hostess, bar girls.

About the club:

Switzerland is famous country for its best economic situation offers a job for image girls in Melano city which is located in Lugano area which is between Switzerland and Italy. Club invites girls only from Europe with similar work experience to work as image girls in the night club. This club provides girls with the very good earning opportunities, because girls get 90 CHF fixed daily fee and additionally payment from treated drinks. This is a great opportunity to get to know the wealthy Switzerland, enjoy hot sun, live near three biggest lakes of Switzerland, which are surrounded by Alpine mountains and benefit from great earning possibilities.

Club‘s working hours:

Club open from Tuesday to Sunday: 22:00 - 05:00 On weekends the club can work until 06:00/07:00 due to increased flow of customers. The working schedule of the club: the minimum of 6 working days per week.


The image girl receives a salary of 90 CHF (~€80) for one working evening. Club client, in order to communicate with the performer buys her drinks, and performer gets additional commissions from the drink price. If girl sell drinks in one month for 8000 CHF she gets 10% commissions from 8000 CHF. If she sells drinks for 9000 CHF - she gets 12% commissions from 9000 CHF 10.000 CHF - 13% 11.000 CHF - 14% and so on… The price of drinks in the club ranges from 250 CHF to 900 CHF. The payment is paid to the girl at the end of the contract or on the second or third day of every month. Credit for food and personal expenses can be given at any time.


The club offers girls a fully furnished apartments near the club for FREE. One room is shared by two girls.

Travel expenses and contract duration:

If necessary, all the travel expenses are paid by the agency (only for Diamond Dolls existing girls). These expenses are later deducted from the dancer’s salary by the club in small parts and sent back to the agency. Minimum duration of the contract is one month with the possibility to extend it to.

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Contact us


Phone: +370 602 03002