Club dancer job in Luxembourg

Last updated on Friday, 06 October 2023 10:31
About club:

It’s one of the newest clubs located in the city Centre of Luxembourg. Our partner’s club is located in the heart of Luxembourg, surrounded by many restaurants, bars, famous shopping and located in one of the best rated hotels in Luxembourg. Club environment is very pleasant, the management is very professional, friendly, and always ready to help you.

Club working hours:

Mondays - Wednesdays: 17:00 – 03:00.
Thursdays - Saturdays: 17:00 - 06:00.
Sundays: 21:00 - 03:00.
Each artist works max. 8 hours per day. Working schedule in the club: at least 5 working days.


The dancer receives a fixed salary of €60 for every evening she works.
The payment for dancing and dollar tips are paid once per week.
The performer receives 50% from the collected Dollar amount (1$ = €2).
100% of personal tips belong to the dancer.
Dancers receive 20% from the drinks and caviar sold to a customer.
Small glass champagne starts from €40 and goes to €60.
Champagne prices start from €180 and go to €4000.
Caviar costs from €430 to €530. The price of a private dance for the client (2 songs) is €50. If the weekly turnover of the dancer does not reach €2000 (for drinks), then the dancer receives 30% from the full price of the private dance. If the weekly turnover of the dancer reaches €2000 and more, then dancer receives 50% from each private dance. The fixed rate is paid at the end of the contract.
The dancers can get a credit from the club at any time while the contract is valid.

Stage performances:

The duration of one show is two songs. One song with clothes on and the other one being topless. After each stage show dancers go around customers and collect tips.

Dress code:

Elegant, sexy, long or short dress.


The club accommodates the girls above the club in fully furnished apartments with WI-FI that cost €10 per day. Two-three girls share a room.

Lenght of the contract:

The minimum duration of the first contract with this club is 3 weeks with a possibility to extend it. The duration of the second contract is not less than 2 weeks.

Latest jobs in nightclubs

The dancer receives a fixed daily salary of €70 for each working evening + 50% from tips. For one private dance the dancer gets 50%. The client pays 25€ (4min) or 40€ (6min) for a private dance. The price of champagne goes from 200€ to 1000€. Dancer gets 30% from Champagne. Dancers receive their payments on Saturday.

Location:Switzerland, Geneva. Working hours: Tuesdays - Saturdays: 22:00 - 05:00. Salary: Fixed daily wage 175 CHF (~€180). Stage performances: 2 performances per evening. Accommodation: 1600 CHF per month. Contract duration: Minimum contract duration of 2 weeks.