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Strippers job in Norway city Oslo.


Abou strip club in Norway:


A highly attractive job offer for girls in the capital of Norway. There is a striptease club located in the capital of Norway, Oslo, which offers a job for girls who cannot imagine their life with the buzz of night clubs. The strip club is attractive because it provides the girls with simple conditions that do not cost much, like, for example, free accommodation. The girls who have been working for a longer period of time can have the costs for travelling back and forth covered and this amount will not be deducted from the wages of the performer. The strip club also offers attractive working conditions, so if you like to dance and if you are communicative, we can assure you that you will definitely find a place that suits you in this Norwegian strip club

Striptease dancers working conditions:


Opening time:

Monday - Saturday: 20:00 - 03:30.
On Sunday club is closed.
Working schedule in the strip club:
at least 6 working days.

Striptease dancers salary:

The striptease club guarantees the minimum salary of NOK 600
(~€75) for an evening.
What does the “Guaranteed wages” mean? For example, let’s say that
during 10 evenings of work, the strip dancer earns
the total amount of only NOK 4000 ; in this case, the strip club will
pay the strip dancer the difference of NOK 2000 to reach the guaranteed
wages of NOK 6000 (NOK 600 x 10 days) so as to achieve the minimum wage.
If the performer makes NOK 10 000 for drinks and dances
during 10 evenings of work, then her wages
will be NOK 10 000.
Each striptease dancer can take a credit from the strip club
at any time and it will be later deducted
from her dancer’s salary.

100% of tips given personally for striptease dancers belongs to them.
The striptease dancers get the share of 20-25% for the drinks sold.
The price for a bottle of champagne in the strip club starts
from NOK 1000 and goes up to NOK 15 000 .
The price for a bottle of wine in the strip club starts from NOK 500 .
The strip dancer will get €15 for every private dance.
The salary for drinks and private dances will be paid
at the end of the contract to the personal account of the dancer.
15% from the total amount will be deducted to pay
Norwegian taxes.

Striptease dancers stage perfomances:

The striptease dancers appear on stage 7-9 times per evening.
The duration of one performance is two songs.
During the first song, she dances in clothes, during the second
one – topless; 10-15 seconds before the end of the song,
she must get completely naked.
The strip dancer must look attractive. She should wear short,
cocktail dresses (pretty, sexy clothes, well-groomed nails,
hairs and beautiful makeup).
The striptease dancers can dance to the music
they choose.

Accomodation for striptease dancers:

The club will provide the dancers with accommodation
at the centre of Oslo next to the club in fully furnished
apartments with Wi-Fi.
Two to three girls share one room, depending
on the size of the room.

Travel costs and contract for striptease dancers:

Striptease dancers must cover their travel expenses
to Norway themself.
The minimum duration of the first contract is two weeks
with the opportunity to extend it additionally for two weeks.
work strip dancers, work in Norway.

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