Stripper job in Lithuania (Klaipeda)

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Last updated on Saturday, 03 June 2023 09:57
About the club:

The club has been opened in 2017 and they are looking for a striptease / topless dancers. The club is located on a main street with many restaurants, nightclubs, bars, cafes, hotels, so the flow of customers is guaranteed. The club is one of the largest clubs in Lithuania, modern and luxuriously and stylishly equipped. Staff is friendly and helpful. The club guarantees dancers good and stable working conditions and the organizing all necessary documents for legal work! Strippers from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus also are welcome, as club can provides documents for dancers employment to be legal at the club.

Club working hours:

Mondays - Saturdays: 22:00-06:00.
Sundays: 22:00-05:00.
The working schedule of the club: the minimum of 4 working days.


Dancers incomes depends from her work results.
Personally given tips remain for dancers 100%.
The club offers the following services: topless dances, private dances, jacuzzi, VIP area and Prive area.

Stage performances:

Dancers dance according to the schedule of the club and must follow the schedule. The duration of one performance is 2 songs. 1st song – with clothes, while the 2nd – topless. Tips to the girls are paid after every stage performance. The dancer must look attractive (beautiful, sexy long dresses, well-groomed nails, hair, jewelry and beautiful make-up).


If the girl is coming from abroad, the club helps her with accommodation.

Quantity of dancer contracts: 6 Quantity of hostess contracts: 2 Lenght of the contract:

If the duration of the contract is at least 6 weeks, the club pay the one-way travel expenses (up to €150), if the duration of the contract is 12 weeks and more (3 months), the club pay the travel expenses in both directions (up to €300).