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One of the oldest and most popular striptease club in Nuremberg city center, is constantly looking for new dancers from Europe.

New club in Denmark - Aalborg looking for new dancers. The club is located in Denmark 3rd biggest city in the main street with more then 30 bars, more then 50 restaurants.

This is a very small, but very cozy striptease club in the center of Hannover city. The club distinguishes for its warm and friendly atmosphere and nice team.

The net of two the best and most famous clubs in the UK – in the city of Birmingham in cooperation with Diamond Dolls agency is looking for girls who want to dance striptease.

The network of three clubs, located in one of the most beautiful European islands of Malta offers a job for strippers.

This is one of the oldest strip club in Norway, club was established in 1983. Club was renewed many times to maintain high quality service and to make sure that costumers feel confortable and welcomed every time.

The club is located in Hamburg, the second largest and often called the most beautiful city of Germany. Hamburg has even more bridges then Venice. The club offers a job for lap-dancers. The club is very small, but very notable for outside.

Club network in Great Britain in cooperation with Diamond Dolls agency is looking for girls who want to dance striptease. This network is located in Derby, in the city centers of Manchester and Vigan, where the biggest and the most entertaining parties happen every weekend.

This is one of the best table dance club in Zurich, which opened its doors in 2002 and up to now is one of the best known and most respected striptease clubs in Switzerland.

This is the only club in beautiful Ioannina city. The club has existed for about 10 years. The visitors of the club are local people.

This is the only striptease club in beautiful Drama city. The strip club has existed for about 30 years. The visitors of the strip club are local people. Drama city is 80 km away from the second largest city Thessaloniki.

Porto city has a special aura and a lot of contrasts. Porto is a very old city with a great old town, with a charming little houses, with a tiny outdoor cafes, with a cozy small shops. Job for strip dancers.

Located at the very center of the capital of Finland, Helsinki, this club is expecting to widen its circle of dancers from the EU coutries only.

A highly attractive job offer for girls in the capital of Norway. There is a striptease club located in the capital of Norway, Oslo, which offers a job for girls who cannot imagine their life with the buzz of night clubs.

One of the most popular night club located in the small town of South North Germany, which is favorite among our agency’s dancers because of an attractive and calm working environment, good relations with the owners and clients of the club, invites experienced and new dancers to join their great team.

A luxurious and elegant strip club in Luxembourg awaits girls who want to dance striptease. The club is located at the very centre of the city so it attracts a lot of clients and this provides girls with a great opportunity to earn money. Stage performances in the strip club are very important. It is a great advantage for dancers because tips are left after every performance. Even though this club has opened its doors only in 2012, it has already earned a good name and gathered its circle of clients which is expanding fast.

This strip club is located in Norway and stands out for its contracts with the duration from 2 weeks, excellent salary. The strip club offers the striptease dancers free of charge
accommodation 7 km away from the centre of Oslo, in fully furnished apartments with Wi-Fi.

A Danish strip club which is highly successful and favorited by clients and Diamond Dolls agency are looking for girls who want to dance striptease. The club is located in the capital of Denmark. It is favourite among dancers not only because of a good work environment, but also because of attractive working conditions, resulting from club’s long years of experience. Even though the name of the club has been existing just since 2012, it has become one of the most profitable strip clubs in the entire Europe.

Strip club, located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark invites charismatic and attractive girls to work as strippers and earn a real western salary.

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